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3COM is a manufacturer of powerful routers developed primarily for small business setting. Optimized for easy data sharing and secured online connection, routers from 3COM offers wireless and LAN connectivity. Complementing the powerful hardware for business enterprise is advanced control setting for their routers. Advanced network controls such as URL filtering, encryption in wireless network connectivity and hacker protection tools can be implemented from various routers of 3COM.

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  1. 3Com OfficeConnect NETBuilder 145 S/T IP/IPX/AT Router (3CR884591-US)

  2. 3Com OfficeConnect NETBuilder 120 TF FRAD (3C8860-US)

  3. 3Com SuperStack II NETBuilder SI 448 U Connection Services and APPN (3C8448)

  4. 3Com SuperStack II NETBuilder SI 458 K Connection Services and APPN (3C8458)

  5. 3Com OfficeConnect NETBuilder 122 T IP/IPX/AT Router (3CR886293-US)

  6. 3Com SuperStack II NETBuilder SI 468 T Connection Services and APPN (3C8468)

  7. 3Com OfficeConnect NETBuilder 127 T Multiprotocol Router (3C8867-US)

  8. 3Com SuperStack II NETBuilder SI 532 IP/IPX/AT (3CR853292)

  9. 3Com SuperStack II NETBuilder SI 438 Connection Services and APPN (3C8438)

  10. 3Com OfficeConnect NETBuilder 142 U IP/IPX/AT Router (3CR885291-US)

  11. 3Com (3C0504693-00)

  12. 3Com SuperStack II 400 (3C400ST-US)

  13. 3Com SuperStack II 400 (3C400U)

  14. 3Com SuperStack II 400 (3CR400ST97-US)

  15. 3Com SuperStack II 400 (3C400U-US)

  16. 3Com SuperStack II 400 (3CR400ST97)

  17. 3Com OfficeConnect NETBuilder 112 IP/IPX/AT

  18. 3Com OfficeConnect NETBuilder 132 IP/IPX/AT Router (3C8832A-US)

  19. 3Com OfficeConnect NETBuilder 137 Multiprotocol Router (3CR8837A91-US)

  20. 3Com OfficeConnect NETBuilder 126