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3COM is a manufacturer of powerful routers developed primarily for small business setting. Optimized for easy data sharing and secured online connection, routers from 3COM offers wireless and LAN connectivity. Complementing the powerful hardware for business enterprise is advanced control setting for their routers. Advanced network controls such as URL filtering, encryption in wireless network connectivity and hacker protection tools can be implemented from various routers of 3COM.

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  1. 3Com 20-15 I W Multi-Service Router - 0235A394

  2. 3Com 20-15 I W Wireless Multi-Service Router - 0235A38V

  3. 3Com 24-Port 10/100 PoE Double-Width Multi-function Interface Module

  4. 3Com 3012

  5. 3Com 3013

  6. 3Com 3016

  7. 3Com 3030 DSL

  8. 3Com 3032

  9. 3Com 3034

  10. 3Com 3040

  11. 3Com 3103 Manager Phone (No Power Adapter) 3C10403A

  12. 3Com 3C10600 3COM NBX V3000 SYSTEM

  13. 3Com 3C13641

  14. 3Com 3C13722 Router 1-Port Fractional E1 Smart Interface Card (SIC)

  15. 3Com 3C13755TAA-US

  16. 3Com 3C13769 5000 FAMILY Router 2-Port Channelized T1 / PRI (MIM) Multi-function Interface Module

  17. 3Com 3C13893 6000 6040 6080 ROUTER 2-PORT FXO FIC CARD

  18. 3Com 3C13897A ROUTER 1-PORT E1 Voice FIC (3C13897A)

  19. 3Com 3C14805 OSR 4-PORT FXO FIC CARD