3COM Router Default Settings: IP Addresses, Usernames, Passwords & Manuals

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for 3COM routers, covering 43 different models. This page is your one-stop destination for finding essential information on default IP addresses, usernames, passwords, and links to router manuals for all 3COM devices. Whether you're setting up a new router, troubleshooting connection issues, or looking to reset your network device, our resource is here to simplify the process for you.

With our complete list of 3COM router default settings, you no longer need to scour the internet or dig through your device's packaging to find the information you need. Simply locate your router model on our list and gain instant access to the default configurations and user manuals. Let us help you get the most out of your 3COM router and ensure a seamless network experience.

Router NameDefault Admin URLDefault IP AddressDefault UsernameDefault PasswordRouter Manual
3COM 3030
3COM 3031192.168.0.1adminadmin
3COM 3033
3COM 3036
3COM 3C16405192.168.101.1admin
3COM 3C16406192.168.1.1admin(none)
3COM 3c16751192.168.1.1PASSWORD
3COM 3C886192.168.1.1
3COM 3C891192.168.1.1
3COM 3Com 3Com192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM 3CR858-91-US192.168.1.1admin
3COM 3CRWDR100A-72192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM 3CRWDR101A-75192.168.1.1admin
3COM 3CRWDR101B-75192.168.1.1admin
3COM 3CRWDR200A-75192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM 3CRWDR200B-75192.168.1.1admin
3COM 3CRWDR300A-73192.168.1.1admin
3COM 3CRWDR300B-73192.168.1.1admin
3COM 3CRWE554G72192.168.1.1admin
3COM 3CRWE554G72T192.168.2.1admin
3COM 3CRWER100-75192.168.1.1admin
3COM 3CRWER101A-75192.168.1.1admin
3COM 3CRWER101E-75192.168.1.1admin
3COM 3CRWER101U-75192.168.1.1admin
3COM 3CRWER300-73192.168.1.1admin
3COM 5012
3COM 5012192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM 812192.168.0.227administratoradmin
3COM cellplex 7000192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM CoreBuilder 7000/6000/3500/2500192.168.0.1n/a(none)
3COM MSR 20-20192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM MSR 20-21192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM MSR 20-40192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM MSR 30-16192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM MSR 30-20192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM MSR 30-40192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM MSR 30-60192.168.1.1adminadmin
3COM WL-537192.168.1.1admin
3COM WL-552192.168.1.1n/aadmin
3COM WL-553192.168.1.1n/aadmin
3COM WL-561192.254.2.2adminpassword
3COM WL-603192.168.1.1n/aadmin
3COM WL-605192.168.0.50adminpassword