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3COM is a manufacturer of powerful routers developed primarily for small business setting. Optimized for easy data sharing and secured online connection, routers from 3COM offers wireless and LAN connectivity. Complementing the powerful hardware for business enterprise is advanced control setting for their routers. Advanced network controls such as URL filtering, encryption in wireless network connectivity and hacker protection tools can be implemented from various routers of 3COM.

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  1. 3Com OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Gateway (3C857-ME)

  2. 3Com VCX V6000 Integrated Branch Communications platform 7.0 (Analog - fixed configuration. Not modular)


  4. 3Com OfficeConnect ISDN Lan Modem (3C891)

  5. 3Com OfficeConnect® (3C888)

  6. 3Com 3COM 8000361500 IDSL MODEM 8000361500

  7. 3Com 3C13722 Router 1-Port Fractional E1 Smart Interface Card (SIC)

  8. 3Com 3Com HomeConndet IDSL Modem 3CP3465

  9. 3Com OfficeConnect® Wireless 108Mbps

  10. 3Com SuperStack II NETBuilder SI 442 U (3C8442)

  11. 3Com 1-Port Fractional T1 Smart Interface Card Module - 1 x T1 WAN - Smart Interface Card

  12. 3Com OfficeConnect® (3CRWDR101A-75) Wireless

  13. 3Com SuperStack II NETBuilder 427 Full (3C8427C)

  14. 3Com U.S. Robotics Broadband Router 8003 (USR808003CAN)

  15. 3Com (3C13615-US)

  16. 3Com 3013

  17. 3Com OfficeConnect® (3CRWDR100A-72) Wireless

  18. 3Com 0235A299

  19. 3Com ROUTER 3034

  20. 3Com NBX Analog Terminal Adapter - VoIP phone adapter