About Draytek

Draytek was founded in 1997 and is specialized in internet and communications solutions, which include: Broadband equipments (routers); LAN devices; ISDN Routers; and Terminal Adaptors. Their Broadband range of Routers include: Dual-WAN-Security Routers; Broadband VoIP Routers; Broadband Firewall Routers and many more. Draytek Switches also include the 8-Port-Gigabit-Switch, PoE-Network-Switch among others.

Draytek VIGOR-2820 Default IP, Default Username, Default Password


Draytek VIGOR-2820 Default IP:

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Draytek VIGOR-2820 Default Password:

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Draytek VIGOR-2820 Default Username:

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Draytek VIGOR-2820


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