What Is A Wireless Router

The Internet can be a great to be as long as you can connect to it. When you are at home this is where a wireless router comes into play. A cable modem gives you the ability to connect your computer directly to the Internet with a cable.

A wireless router inserts in this setup by beaming a wireless signal from your cable modem to multiple computers or devices, with no strings attached!

A wireless router is called a router because it routes signals from one connection to another. Some of the popular names in the home wireless industry are Linksys (Cisco), Belkin, Netgear, and D-Link.

Your router that is wireless is designed to have one or more antennas sticking sticking out of it so that it beams the signal in multiple directions for the best coverage. These antennas are usually detachable and can be pivoted to the angles you prefer.

The terms with routers, especially wireless ones, consist of numbers like 802.11 and followed by a letter. The further in the future you are reading this then the higher the letter is climbing. The current standard is 802.11n and is in general production by multiple vendors across the world. Every few years a new standard is released and updates as technology permits and increases with faster speeds and connections in hardware.

The word MIMO is another common term you might see listed on your router or the box it comes in. MIMO stands for Multiple Input - Multiple Output and is the tech bit that carries more data over signals which means a faster experience for your wirelessly connected devices!

If you are operating over cellular 3G or 4G signals then you could see MiFI and is comparable, except it is used by mobile devices instead of broadband connected home devices.

MiFi wireless routers are used when a broadband cable or ADSL connection is unavailable at your home. The MiFi router uses a SIM card from your mobile phone company and allows you to connect your laptop or tablet to it in lieu of a regular wireless router. The results are the same with either of these two types of wireless routers though. The result is Internet connectivity for your home! That's what a wireless router is and what it can do for you.