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With a huge selection of default router models to search through, you can find the router settings for popular brands like 2Wire, Cisco, Linksys, Buffalo, Airlink, and others here.

Our easy to navigate router search library presents you with the default router configurations for thousands of hard to find retail and enterprise routers.

Find the default configurations and setup for your home router or business router today!

  1. Addon Routers (7)

    Addon NWR9500v2
  2. Addon WBR9200
  3. Addtron Routers (1)

    Addtron (ADR-E100P) E-100
  4. ADIC Routers (1)

    ADIC FCR100
  5. ADK Network Technologies Co. Routers (2)

    ADK Network Technologies Co. WR300
  6. ADK Network Technologies Co. WR300
  7. adtran Routers (9)

    adtran MX2800 M13
  8. adtran NetVanta 1335
  9. adtran NetVanta 150
  10. adtran NetVanta 3120