CM Registering and Router INIT Failed Errors

Optimum, SuddenLink, Comcast, and other popular routers can have CM Registering and Router INIT failed errors from time to time resulting in no Internet connection.

There are occasions when CM Registering and Router INIT errors come from a provider outage, and there is no problem directly with your modem or router.

However if there are no reported outages, make sure the plugs for your modems or routers haven’t come loose, and that your house outlets are working properly where your device is plugged in at.

Another idea is to confirm that your service account is up to date on payments. Late payments can cause an interruption of service and result in your Internet connection being cut-off. This can cause CM Registering and Router INIT failed errors also when your account is disabled.

Before contacting support, try unplugging your modem/router from the power by pulling the power cord from the back of it. Sometimes these errors are easy to resolve and sometimes they are not. The signal could be related when no service is working good.

When it happens, try the obvious technique of unplugging your router and wait about 45 seconds before you plug it back in.

If this doesn't work, it's time to call support because troubleshooting other router or cable modem problems isn't easy.

Need more help? Give support a call. Here are a few popular service providers and how to contact them to resolve CM Registering and Router INIT failed errors.


Call 1- 877-694-9474

Optimum Internet

Call 1-800-291-8564

AT&T U-Verse

Call 1-800-288-2020

Comcast Xfinity

Call 1-800-934-6489

Time Warner Cable

Call 1-833-267-6094

Spectrum Internet

Call 1-855-855-4575

Verizon FiOS

Call 1-800-922-0204

Charter Communications

Call 1-833-267-6094