10 Best and Fastest Routers for 2017

Wireless mesh systems are the way of the future! 2017 has some of the best wireless routers for fast speeds and we will tell you about them.

In this article, we will break down the fastest wireless routers for 2017, and give you an entire list of possibilities. Like us, we bet you will always want to be getting the fastest possible Internet connection.

There are so many routers to cover and you will see the top 10 list below, but we want to tell you abut the Netgear Nighthawk being the top pick.

Netgear's newest Nighthawk is now the world's fastest router to date. The processor operates at 1GHz, making it one of the fastest routers around.

The Nighthawk has a ultra-smooth and lag-free WiFi experience for 4K video streaming. It is also the industry's fastest router for media streaming with a Plex media server.

It comes with a 802.11ad, which means the MU-MIMO-equipped Netgear Nighthawk delivers very fast 5GHz throughput an faster 60GHz speeds!

The Nighthawk was the fastest dual-band router that has been tested at 5GHz, and the best in gaming specific Quality of Service.

While this new Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router is an AD7200 class router, it is not the only fast router you can get.

Reviewers have evaluated the top dual-band 802.11ac routers based on performance, range, and ease of use. Some on our list will give you the best overall value as our top picks.

2017's Top 10 Fastest Wireless Routers

All of these dual-band, three-stream 802.11ac routers on the list are some of the fastest that have been found in tests. The best wireless routers offer amazing range and delivers great service.

Wireless routers are the core of your home Wi-Fi network so don't skip on speed. This roundup shows the best wireless routers currently available in 2017. Try one of the top 10 if you plan on upgrading soon.