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About Comtrend

Established in 1990, Comtrend is a manufacturer of OEM networking devices with clients from different countries. Their expertise is in developing client-specific devices such as basic LAN routers, ADSL routers and related components that would fit the client’s demands. Aside from developing OEM components, the company is also offering their networking devices under the same brand name. Comtrend routers are known to cater to different requirements such as VOIP+DSL, DSL+VOIP or pure DSL.

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Our Database contains 24 Comtrend Routers with default settings Show all Comtrend routers without default settings

  1. Comtrend 4-Port ADSL2+Router
  2. Comtrend AR-5321U
  3. Comtrend AR-5381u
  4. Comtrend Comtrend Router CT-5611T (OTENET GR) CT-5611T (OTENET GR)
  5. Comtrend CT-5071T
  6. Comtrend CT-5072S
  7. Comtrend CT-535
  8. Comtrend CT-536+
  9. Comtrend CT-536+
  10. Comtrend CT-5361T
  11. Comtrend CT-5365
  12. Comtrend CT-5367
  13. Comtrend CT-5372
  14. Comtrend CT-5374
  15. Comtrend CT-5611T
  16. Comtrend CT-5621
  17. Comtrend CT-5621T
  18. Comtrend CT-6373
  19. Comtrend CT-6383
  20. Comtrend CT-820C