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One of the most recognized brands in IT industry; Compaq was established in 1982 as a personal computer manufacturer. The company was eventually acquired by HP in 2002 and the brand-name was focused on producing entry-level prices for computers and related products. While offering affordable computers, the company also produces an impressive array of routers and they are often made for small business setting.

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  1. Compaq (NWL-CP-2W-N) Wireless

  2. Compaq 3662

  3. Compaq CISCO813-RF

  4. Compaq CP7960G

  5. Compaq Cp7940G

  6. Compaq Digital RouteAbout Central EI (DEZBR-SB)

  7. Compaq Digital DECswitch 900EE (DEBMP-DA)

  8. Compaq Microcom 6000 (333433-001)

  9. Compaq Digital RouteAbout Central EW

  10. Compaq Digital RouteAbout Central EW (DEZ8R-SB)

  11. Compaq Digital RouteAbout Access EW (DEX2R-TA)

  12. Compaq Digital RouteAbout Access EI

  13. Compaq Digital DECswitch 900ET (DETER-ZA)

  14. Compaq Netelligent 8500 (228600-002)

  15. Compaq Microcom 6000 (333428-001)

  16. Compaq Netelligent 8500 (228600-001)

  17. Compaq Netelligent 8500 (228600-003)

  18. Compaq Digital DECswitch 900EF (DEFBA-DA)

  19. Compaq Cisco 2511 (333425-001)

  20. Compaq Cisco 2511 (333430-001)