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About Actiontec

A US-based manufacturer for consumer routers, Actiontec has developed different types of routers for various telecommunication companies. Their products range from basic routers for internet access to intensive data streaming devices for online gaming and on-demand media streaming. Established in 1993, the company is also offering stand-alone routers for those who prefer customization and control in their routers.

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  1. Actiontec 4-Port Ethernet Broadband Router with Wireless-N
  2. Actiontec 4-Port Ethernet Broadband Router with Wireless-N
  3. Actiontec 500 AV 4-Port Powerline Network Adapter PWR514WB1
  4. Actiontec Actiontec Electronics Wireless N ADSL Modem Router
  5. Actiontec Actiontec GT784WN-01 IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wireless N DSL Modem Router
  6. Actiontec BA214WG
  7. Actiontec D-Link
  8. Actiontec GT701
  9. Actiontec GT701C
  10. Actiontec GT701D
  11. Actiontec GT701R
  12. Actiontec GT701R
  13. Actiontec GT701WG
  14. Actiontec GT704WG
  15. Actiontec GT724R
  16. Actiontec GT724WG
  17. Actiontec GT724WG TDS Firmware
  18. Actiontec GT724WGR
  19. Actiontec M1000
  20. Actiontec MI424WR