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Colubris was a well known brand for wireless routers fit for WAN setting. The company’s product range was targeted for small to large scale businesses who wanted to offer wireless networking in their preferred locations. The company was acquired by HP in 2008 and since then, the product range of Colubris is now part of the network solutions arm of HP called ProCurve. The wireless routers developed by the company are now a major component of HP for wireless networking solutions.

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  1. Colubris CN1054

    The Colubris CN1054 is easy to build router with an easy installation steps and maintenance. With the device's hardware-assisted VPN technology you...

  2. Colubris CN1050

    The Colubris CN1050 comes with extended features that you can't find from other routers. It comes with easy-to-install wireless technology, deliver...