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Formerly known as Ambit Microsystems, Ubee Interactive focuses on networking devices that caters to the latest innovations for online and network connectivity. The networking device manufacturer specializes in developing data, voice, gateway and router devices catering to small business and consumer demands. The company focuses on simplifying network configuration through their devices to limit cost and increase efficiency.

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  1. Ubee Interactive DDC2700

    The DDC2700 is a wired networking device with 4-LAN ports. The device also comes with cable-modem with up to 30Mbps in bandwidth speed for download...

  2. Ubee Interactive DDW2600

    The DDW2600 is a powerful wireless router with 4-LAN ports. The device can stream up to 54Mpbs in wireless data transfer protected from online atta...

  3. Ubee Interactive U10C019

    The U10C019 is a powerful wireless router with up to 54Mbps in wireless data transfer. The wireless network is fully protected through firewall and...

  4. Ubee Interactive U10C020

    U10C020 is a wired-networking device with DOCSIS2.0 compliant port for high speed data transfer. The device comes with 1-WAN port and 4-LAN ports w...

  5. Ubee Interactive U10C022

    The U10C022 is a powerful networking device optimized for VoIP transactions. The device comes with 4-LAN ports and 2-phone ports for dedicated VoIP...