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Canyon is a computer peripherals distributor established in 2003. Among their products are different networking devices that can cater to different demands. Their wireless routers can be used to stream data up to 300mbps which offers the capability to handle VOIP and multi-media streaming without the use of any LAN cable. They also manufacture adapters that will enable faster network connection from routers to older laptops and computers.

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  1. canyon CNP-WF514N3

    Known as a 300 Mbps wireless broadband router, the Canyon CNP-WF514N3 that features a WAN port and a 4-port 10/100Mbps LAN switch. This device is b...

  2. canyon CNP-WF514N1A

    The CNP-WF514N1A is a top of the line Wireless N Router that is built with wired/wireless network connection. This device is designed specifically ...

  3. canyon CNP-WF514N1

    The Canyon CNP-WF514N1 is a top of the line 4-port 150 Mbps Router. This device is built to improve network performance with seamless connectivity ...

  4. canyon CN-BR1

    The Canyon CN-BR1 is a high performance broadband router that offer 40 Mbps LAN to WAN throughput. This device is an IP Sharing Router built for mu...

  5. canyon CN-WF514

    Canyon's CN-WF514 is a simple router that offers basic network connectivity through Wifi and wired local area network. It comes with four LAN ports...