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About Billion

With more than 30 years of experience in the electronics industry, Billion has established its distinct character in manufacturing powerful networking devices since 2004. Their routers are extensively used by various industry and homes as it can offer the required security and technology to current needs. Billion routers are also used by other IT companies such as ISPs as their technology expands to bigger clients.

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  1. Billion BiGuard 2
  2. Billion BiGuard 30
  3. Billion BiGuard 50G
  4. Billion BiGuard S3000
  5. Billion BiGuard S6000
  6. Billion Billion W40 Billion W40
  7. Billion BiPAC 3200G
  8. Billion BiPAC 3300NX
  9. Billion Bipac 5100
  10. Billion BiPAC 5102
  11. Billion BiPAC 5200N
  12. Billion BiPAC 5200N RC
  13. Billion BiPAC 5200S
  14. Billion BiPAC 5210S
  15. Billion BiPAC 5210S RC
  16. Billion BiPAC 6200NXL
  17. Billion BiPAC 6200NXL
  18. Billion BiPAC 6404VGP R3
  19. Billion BiPAC 7300 RA
  20. Billion BiPAC 7300GX