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AudioCodes Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells advanced Voice over IP and converged VoIP and Data networking products and applications to Service Providers and Enterprises. AudioCodes’ products are deployed globally in IP, Mobile, Cable, and Broadband Access networks, as well as small, medium and large Enterprises. The company provides a diverse range of innovative, cost-effective products for converged VoIP and Data networks including Media Gateways.

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  1. AudioCodes MP-114/2FXS/2FXO/3AC/SIP-3/UC ANALOG VOIP GATEWAY [auc-mp114combouc]

  2. AudioCodes MP-118/8FXO/3AC/SIP-3/UC ANALOG VOIP GATEWAY [auc-mp118fxouc]

  3. AudioCodes MP-112R/2FXS/3AC/SIP-3/UC ANALOG VOIP GATEWAY [mp-112r2fxs3acsip3]

  4. AudioCodes MP-114/4FXO/3AC/SIP-3/UC ANALOG VOIP GATEWAY [auc-mp114fxouc]

  5. AudioCodes MP-118

  6. AudioCodes MediaPack MP-118-FXS Analog VoIP Gateway 8FXS SIP

  7. AudioCodes MP-114-FXO MediaPack Analog VoIP Gateway 4FXO SIP

  8. AudioCodes Mediant 2000 Dual T1/E1 Span SIP Gateway

  9. AudioCodes Mediant 2000 Eight T1/E1 Span SIP Gateway

  10. AudioCodes Mediant 2000 Single T1/E1 Span SIP Gateway

  11. AudioCodes MP-118/4FXS/4FXO/3AC/SIP-3 ANALOG VOIP GATEWAY [mp118-4fs-4o-sip]

  12. AudioCodes MP-124D/24FXS/AC/SIP-3 [mp124d-24fxs-ac-sip3]

  13. AudioCodes Mediant 1000 Dual T1/E1 Span SIP Gateway

  14. AudioCodes MP-114/2FXS/2FXO/3AC/SIP-3 ANALOG VOIP GATEWAY [mp114-2s-2o-sip]

  15. AudioCodes Mediant 1000 Quad T1/E1 Span SIP Gateway

  16. AudioCodes MP-114/4FXO/3AC/SIP-3 ANALOG VOIP GATEWAY [mp114-4o-sip]

  17. AudioCodes MP-112R/2FXS/3AC/SIP-3 ANALOG VOIP GATEWAY [mp112-2s-sip]

  18. AudioCodes MP-118/8FXS/3AC/SIP-3 ANALOG VOIP GATEWAY [mp118-8s-sip]

  19. AudioCodes MP-118/8FXO/3AC/SIP-3 ANALOG VOIP GATEWAY [mp118-8o-sip]

  20. AudioCodes MP-114/4FXS/3AC/SIP-3 ANALOG VOIP GATEWAY [mp114-4s-sip]