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We're proud to be a global leader in the design and manufacturing of audio and video infrastructure equipment for the television broadcast and film industry. In keeping with today's multi-channel, digital environment, Evertz has expanded the breadth of its high performance systems for the broadcast market and has increased its worldwide HDTV, DTV, 3Gb/s, and 3D presence. Evertz is a publicly traded company listed on the TSX, with over 900 employees worldwide.

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  1. ASI TPL WL RT TL-WR941ND Adv Routr Wireless

  2. ASI TPL RT TD-8810 1Ethernet Port

  3. ASI TPL RT TD-8840T 4 Ethernet Port

  4. ASI TPL RT TD-8811 1 Ethernet Port

  5. ASI TPL WL RT TD-W8901G 4Port 54M

  6. ASI TPL RT TD-8817 1 Ethernet Port

  7. ASI TPL RT TL-WR841ND N Router 4Pt Wireless

  8. ASI TPL WL RT TD-W8960N 300M WL-N