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About aztech

Aztech is a leading manufacturer of OEM devices related to network communication. Specializing in different types of routers, the company can cater to different demands from other IT related companies when it comes to manufacturing specific routers. Their main products include ADSL routers as well as residential gateways that will easily enable home networking. The company is also manufacturing wireless routers that can be used for internet with the help of 3G connectivity.

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  1. aztech aztech DSL605EW
  2. aztech DSL1000ER
  3. aztech DSL1000EU
  4. aztech DSL1000EW
  5. aztech DSL1000EW
  6. aztech DSL1015EN
  7. aztech DSL1015EN
  8. aztech DSL5001EN
  9. aztech DSL5005EN
  10. aztech DSL5008EN
  11. aztech DSL600EVW
  12. aztech DSL605E
  13. aztech DSL605EU
  14. aztech DSL605EW
  15. aztech DSL705E
  16. aztech DSL705EU
  17. aztech GR7000
  18. aztech HW550-3G
  19. aztech HW550-3G
  20. aztech WL730RT4