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Established in 2000 after the merger of Apex and Cybex, Avocent immediately became one of the leading manufacturers of KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) Switches and Routers. Focusing on this particular component of the IT industry, the company was able to develop routers used by various businesses to allow centralized IT support and troubleshooting. Their routers serve as devices that connect individual computers to one center for easy maintenance.

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  1. Avocent Cyclade Cyclade

    Linux hostnamehere 2.6.11 #1 Tue Mar 28 13:31:20 PST 2006 ppc unknown CycladesRMS (Cyclades Routing Management System) cyclades Routing

  2. Avocent Cyclades-PR1000 Access Router

    The Cyclades-PR1000 Access Router is a powerful router specifically built to secure networking for business setting. Developed by Cyclades but even...