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Established in 2000 after Lucent partnered with Alcatel, Avaya quickly became a recognized name in enterprise-capable voice and networking systems. Call centers and large scale IT industries are using the technology created by Avaya. Because of their expertise in this technology, their routers are practically a reflection of what they can do. Avaya routers are not just implemented to cater to network demands of the business but to also allow efficient telephony in the business setting.

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  1. Avaya SR-4134

    The Avaya SR-4134 is a high performance device that is built to combine the functions of WAN Routing, stateful firewall security and Ethernet switc...

  2. Avaya 8004

    Known as Avaya Secure Router, the Avaya 8004 router is a mid-level model that addresses the long-time concern about enterprise WAN aggregation and ...

  3. Avaya 8002

    The Avaya 8002 is a high performance device that is packed with a robust routing services which includes a full IPv4 and IPv6 protocol set. This de...

  4. Avaya 3120

    The Avaya 3120 is packed with extensive suite of advanced security features. This high performance router is a powerful modular system sporting an ...

  5. Avaya Secure Router 1001/1001S

    The Avaya Secure Router 1001/1001S is a powerful networking router that promises the same networking capability with emphasis on networking. The de...