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About Sweex

Sweex is one of the most recognized computer parts manufacturers in Netherlands. The company was established in 1978 but the company today concentrates on computer peripherals including routers. Because of their experience in the industry, they have manufactured impressive routers that mostly cater to the increasing demand of faster data transmission. They have also developed adapters, switches and antennas to complement their networking devices.

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  1. Sweex 150n
  2. Sweex LW050
  3. Sweex LW050V2
  4. Sweex LW150
  5. Sweex LW300UK
  6. Sweex LW310V2
  7. Sweex LW907V2
  8. Sweex LW908
  9. Sweex MO201
  10. Sweex MO251V2
  11. Sweex MO300
  12. Sweex RO003
  13. Sweex sweex sweex
  14. Sweex WF-514