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Axesstel is a US-based company established in 2000 as a manufacturer of wireless systems for various telecommunication companies worldwide. The company eventually moved into production that would cater the demand of consumers and businesses. Their products are often focused on gateways with primary access to 3G with an option to connect to regular broadband line. Aside from gateways, Axesstel also developers 3G modems for complete mobility for online access.

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  1. Axesstel MV400i

    The MV400i is a mobile router built specifically for CDMA signals. Users subscribing to CDMA networks should be able to take advantage of the devic...

  2. Axesstel MU430

    MU430 is a powerful mobile router as it offers complete mobility with very impressive data transfer speed. The device comes with a SIM slot where u...

  3. Axesstel MV500

    MV500 offers flexibility for small businesses since the device can be used as modem/router. Connection is made through CDMA networks wherein the de...

  4. Axesstel MV400

    The MV400 is a completely mobile modem/router because it can connect to 3G networks without additional plug-ins. Online connection is shared throu...