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One of the world’s largest manufacturers of computers and its related accessories, this Taiwan based company started their operations in 1990. While they are popularly recognized for their affordable computer components and laptops, their routers are known for catering specific type of users. Their routers were made to accommodate the demands of heavy data users.

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  1. ASUS WL- 520g Wireless

  2. ASUS WL-700gE Wireless

  3. ASUS RT-G32 Wireless Router (610839781379)

  4. ASUS WL-AM604G Wireless

  5. ASUS (RT-N16) Wireless

  6. ASUS Wireless Router/Printer Server (610839095742)

  7. ASUS Wless 90-ID8002M00-01PZ 802.11g 125mbit 125M Broad Range Wireless Router Networking Wireless Network

  8. ASUS WL-500gP v2 Wireless

  9. ASUS RT-N15 Wireless

  10. ASUS RT-N12 Wireless

  11. ASUS RT-N13U Wireless