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Compex is a Singapore-based manufacturer of computer peripherals for networking purposes. Their OEM parts are often integrated in wireless devices, wireless access points and wireless routers that enable WAN access. The company also develops OEM parts for wireless bridges that allow connection from one access point to another without the requirement of data cables. Established in 1987, their experience has led them to develop high grade components that can fit to any client demands.

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  1. Compex NetPassage 27G Wireless

  2. Compex NETPassage 15 (NET PASSAGE15-BR)

  3. Compex NETPassage 15 (NET PASSAGE15-B)

  4. Compex Passage 22 (PASSAGE22-DM)

  5. Compex NETPassage 15 (NP15)

  6. Compex NETPassage 12 (NP12)

  7. Compex Passage 88 (PASSAGE88)

  8. Compex Passage 22 (PASSAGE22)

  9. Compex NETPassage 12 (NETPASSAGE12)

  10. Compex NETPassage 15D (NP15D)

  11. Compex NP16 Bundle (NP16 BUNDLE)

  12. Compex NP15C

  13. Compex NETPassage 16A (NP16A)

  14. Compex (NP26G)

  15. Compex SKW812

  16. Compex (NP26G-USB)

  17. Compex NetPassage 26G / iWavePort WLU54G Wireless Kit

  18. Compex NetPassage 26G / iWavePort WLP54G Wireless Kit

  19. Compex NetPassage 28G Wireless