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Westell Technology was founded in 1980 by Clint Penny, and has an enviable record in high-performing Information Technology Solutions. Westell’s range of products and services include: products for Broadband Home Products; Remote Monitoring Equipments; IPTV/Videos; quality Routers, and a host of others. In 1997, Westell went into merger with Amati Communications, which never lasted for long before it crashed.

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  1. westell 2200

    The 2200 is an entry level router/modem as it is an ideal networking device for additional router or access point. The device comes with a dedicate...

  2. westell 6100

    Westell 6100 is a highly reliable router/modem offered by Bellsouth. The router offers standard connectivity to ensure broadband internet with a fi...

  3. westell 7500

    The Westell 7500 is a high performance modem router that delivers seamless internet access for both wired and wireless connection. The device also ...

  4. westell 7501

    Westell 7501 offers a stable wireless connection with fast data request and transfer. Now compatible with major ISPs, the router can provide access...

  5. westell 9100EM

    The 9100EM is an all-in-one networking device. It can be used as a modem that immediately streams up to 54mbps in network connection through its Wi...

  6. westell Western Digital My Net N900 HD Dual-Band Router (WDBWVK0000NSL-HESN)

    My Net N900 HD Dual-Band Router accelerates all your entertainment with smart, real-time traffic prioritization that delivers the highest quality s...