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About Prolink

Prolink became incorporated in 1991, and is one of the most versatile communications infrastructure manufacturers in the world. Prolink range of quality products and services cut across different segments of both small and big business enterprises. Some of their quality products include: HSPDA Modem/Router; Notebook; Networking products and many more. FIDA International is a provider of Prolink’s products, and this has been on since 1991.

Prolink is a company from
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Our Database contains 7 Prolink Routers with default settings Show all Prolink routers without default settings

  1. Prolink Hurricane 5301G
  2. Prolink Hurricane 6300G
  3. Prolink Hurricane 9000G
  4. Prolink Hurricane 9300G 8974202
  5. Prolink PWH2004
  6. Prolink WNR1004
  7. Prolink WNR1006