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Netopia offers complete broadband solution for home owners and small businesses. They provide a complete line of products for networking connections such as wired and wireless routers, modems, gateways and DSL. They also specialize in digital services such as VOIP and multi-media. The company was acquired by Motorola in 2007 as a way to expand their market for VOIP and digital media.

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  1. Netopia R6120 ADSL

  2. Netopia R6131 ADSL

  3. Netopia R6100 ADSL

  4. Netopia R6161 ADSL

  5. Netopia R3100 ISDN (R3100-UP12)

  6. Netopia PN450 ISDN (PN450NA-1S)

  7. Netopia PN650 ISDN (PN650NA-1S)

  8. Netopia PN440

  9. Netopia R5331

  10. Netopia R7220 SDSL with V.90

  11. Netopia PN660 (PN660-SA)

  12. Netopia PN460 (PN460-SA)

  13. Netopia PN460 (PN460-DDS)

  14. Netopia R7231 SDSL Router w/Int. ISDN (R7131)

  15. Netopia (D3232-I)

  16. Netopia R7171 SDSL 2-IMUX

  17. Netopia PN635 ISDN

  18. Netopia R2121 Dual Analog

  19. Netopia R3100 ISDN (R3100-U-12)

  20. Netopia R9100 Ethernet (R9100-12)