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Netgear was established in 1996 as network device manufacturer for consumers, small businesses and ISPs. Their routers are recognized worldwide because of their ability to keep up with the latest technology. Many gamers use their routers because of its easy set-up with online gaming. Businesses also value the switches, hubs and routers of Netgear because it can offer the required speed with emphasis on security. The company used to be owned by Nortel in 1998 and became fully independent in 2002.

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  1. NetGear FR318 (FR318UK)

  2. NetGear FR318 (FR318NA)

  3. NetGear RT328 (RT328NAR)

  4. NetGear RM356 (RM356NAR)

  5. NetGear RH348 (RH348NAR)

  6. NetGear FR318

  7. NetGear RH340 (RH340NAR)

  8. NetGear FR314 (FR314/FA311KIT)

  9. NetGear RP334 (RP334NA)

  10. NetGear RO318 (R0318)

  11. NetGear RO318 (R0318NA)

  12. NetGear RH340 (RH340NA)

  13. NetGear RM356 (RM356AU)

  14. NetGear RT328 (RT328AU)

  15. NetGear RM356 (RM356NA)

  16. NetGear RH348 (RH348NA)

  17. NetGear RH340

  18. NetGear RT328 (RT328NA)

  19. NetGear DG834PN

  20. NetGear FR314 (FE314NA)