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Lucent technology was founded in 1996, with interest in telecommunications. The company merged with Alcatel in late 2006 to become what is now known as Alcatel-Lucent. Before then, Lucent technologies had been in the forefront of developing different kinds of routers for both small and big time telecommunications players in the world. Under the registered name “Lucent,” the company held its own in the face of stiff competitions from other companies.

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  1. Lucent Pipeline 130 (P130-FT1-ASA)

  2. Lucent Pipeline 130 (P130-S-V35-ASA)

  3. Lucent Pipeline 220 (P22-T1-V35-ASA)

  4. Lucent Pipeline 50 LS56 (P50-LS56-2W)

  5. Lucent CellPipe 50H

  6. Lucent CellPipe 50S (300165024)

  7. Lucent Pipeline 75 (P75-1UBRI-ASA)

  8. Lucent CellPipe IAD 4S (300275625)

  9. Lucent CellPipe IAD 4S (300275617)

  10. Lucent Pipeline 85 (P85-1UBRI)

  11. Lucent Pipeline 50 (P50-1UBRI-ASA)