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Longshine was formed out of Taiwanese Hardware manufacturing company in 1989. The company offers a wide range of products, which include Network Components to latest data telecommunication products. Longshine is one of Europe’s leading producers of quality routers such as: the wireless travel Router known as the LCS-WRN3211; ADSL-Router known as the LCS-IR2114-C and so many others.

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  1. longshine Loopcomm LP-8616K Indoor Wireless 802.11B/G/N Smart Router AP 150Mbps

    Network Protocols: TCP/UDP/ICMP/ARP protocol stack Security: 64/128bit WEP, WPA TKIP, WPA2 AES, 802.1x Ports: 1*RJ-45 WAN ; 4*RJ-45 LAN LEDs: Po...

  2. longshine WRN-3211

    The WRN-3211 is a Wireless Router that allows multiple Broadband internet connection sharing possible and easy. The Router has inbuilt Switch port ...

  3. longshine LCS-WA5-45

    The LCS-WA5-45 is an access point Router that has a bandwith of up to 54Mbits. The Router connects users directly with the wired LAN and other reso...

  4. longshine LCS-WR5-2214-A

    The LCS-WR5-2214-A is a wireless Router with built-in 4 ports 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet Switch. The Router comes with features such as; support for ...

  5. longshine WR5-3214N

    The WR5-3214N is a wireless Router which supports data rate of up to 300Mbps in 2.4GHz band, and compatible with the IEEE 802.11b/g wireless device...

  6. longshine LCS-WA3-50

    The LCS-WA3-50 is a wireless that supports a data rate of up to 300Mbps, giving users a high speed wireless both at home and at the office. The Rou...