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JAHT is an electronics manufacturer that specializes in various IT-related products. Its main components are computer peripherals and devices that connect online or through local area network. They have a wide variety of routers that can cater to businesses and homes. JAHT also manufacturer networking cards, outdoor antennas for WAN connection and switches for businesses that require bandwidth administration.

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  1. JAHT WA-4054EM

    The WA-4054EM is a 54Mbps 802.11g MIMO Wireless AP Router, with integrated 4-port Switch. The Router's advanced MIMO technology enhances wider work...

  2. JAHT JWA-6108

    The JWA-6108 is a dual-band 108Mbps high speed wireless router supporting both 5GHz and 2.4GHz wireless LAN. Its enhanced firewall function strengt...

  3. JAHT WP4001br

    The WP4001br is a powerful WLAN Bridge AP. The Router acts as a bridge between the Ethernet and wireless network. It also has the capacity to suppo...