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A subsidiary of RPTI, Infosmart is a leading manufacturer of various multimedia and telecommunications equipments. Infosmart has a huge collection of widely used telecommunications products, which include the following: the Wireless LAN Router; Wireless LAN Access Point; Hubs; Ethernet Adapters and many more. The company has a large distribution network that cuts across different countries of the world; these distributors are authorized by the company.

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  1. Infosmart INWR48GN

    The INWR48GN wireless security router is suitable for multiple users to share one broadband connection, as well as to help secure your private netw...

  2. Infosmart INAP88GA

    The INAP88GA is an IEEE 802.11g compliant wireless AP Router which brings wireless technology and is backwards compatible with all the existing 80...

  3. Infosmart INLR88

    The INLR88 is an 11N wireless Broadband Router which supports MIMO Technology (Multi-in ,Multi Out). The Router uses 2T 3 R (2 transceiver ,3 recei...

  4. Infosmart INWR48GA

    The INWR48GA is an IEEE 802.11g compliant wireless router with a built in four-port fast Ethernet switch. The Router's wireless technology with hig...