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The US-based manufacturer of various computer devices has developed a wide variety of routers that can cater to different consumer demands. Consumers can choose a router optimized to stream HD content even in wireless devices or they can select a product specifically developed for online gaming and VOIP. With maximum speed of up to 300mpbs, streaming multi-media content combined with voice is a possibility through Airlink’s routers.

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  1. Airlink Wireless 3G Mobile Router 801.11G ?AR360W3G (658729080386)

  2. Airlink 802.11G Wireless 4-Port

  3. Airlink AR325W (658729080232) Wireless

  4. Airlink (AR690W)

  5. Airlink AR680W (658729081451)

  6. Airlink 101 AR660W3G 300Mbps 802.11n 3G/3.5G Wireless LAN/Firewall 4-Port Router w/USB - Supports 3G

  7. Airlink 101 AR675W Green 300Mbps 802.11n Wireless LAN/Firewall 4-Port

  8. Airlink AR430W Wireless

  9. Airlink AR570W 150Mbps Wireless-N