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Fujitsu is an IT company that offers a wide variety of products and services that would fit any consumer and business need. The name Fujitsu Siemens refers to the company’s merger in 1999 but products and services were later renamed to Fujitsu only as the company bought the rest of the German manufacturer’s share. Fujitsu developed a wide variety of routers fit for small business setting while co-branding with Brocade and Cisco for enterprise-grade routers and switches.

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  1. Fujitsu Siemens Fujitsu Simens Fujitsu Simens

    This is router by NERMO Administrator in Fujitsu Simens typically used on the backside of copiers in business. Fujitsu Simens router.

  2. Fujitsu Siemens CONNECT2AIR AP-600RP

    The CONNECT2AIR AP-600RP is a smart networking option for consumers and small businesses. Aside from Wireless-G technology, the device also has 4-L...