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About Edimax

Edimax was founded in 1986 with interest in providing software and hardware solutions to various computer and internet users. The company has a wide variety of routers that are usually found to be useful in both home and office environment. Edimax router series include: Fast Ethernet cable Broadband Router; the n300 Mbps Wireless Cable Broadband Router and the N150Mbps Wireless Cable Broadband Router.

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Our Database contains 71 Edimax Routers with default settings Show all Edimax routers without default settings

  1. Edimax 3G-6200n
  2. Edimax 3G-6200nL
  3. Edimax 3G-6200nL
  4. Edimax 3G-6210n
  5. Edimax 3G-6218n
  6. Edimax 3G6200Wg
  7. Edimax AC-M1000
  8. Edimax AC-M3000
  9. Edimax AR-7024Wg
  10. Edimax AR-7064 A
  11. Edimax AR-7064Mg+
  12. Edimax AR-7084A
  13. Edimax AR-7084G A
  14. Edimax AR-7084gB
  15. Edimax AR-7084gB
  16. Edimax AR-7211B
  17. Edimax AR-7265WnA
  18. Edimax AR-7265WnA
  19. Edimax AR-7265WnB
  20. Edimax AR-7266WnA