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Acquired by Quantum in 2006, ADIC continues to be a leading manufacturer of routers focused on enterprise solutions. The company’s routers are focused on data retention and maintenance as this will allow large-scale companies easily store data and retrieve the said data even after years of no access. Focusing on hardware capability with the right software, ADIC is currently known for their Scala routers that are sold to various industries worldwide.

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  1. ADIC FCR 250

  2. ADIC (99-0131-04)

  3. ADIC (99-0131-06)

  4. ADIC (99-0131-03)

  5. ADIC (99-0131-01)

  6. ADIC (99-0131-05)

  7. ADIC (99-0131-02)

  8. ADIC FCR 1 (93-5365-05)

  9. ADIC FCR 1 (93-5365-02)

  10. ADIC FCR 250 (99-0135-02)

  11. ADIC FCR 250 (99-0135-05)