About Draytek

Draytek was founded in 1997 and is specialized in internet and communications solutions, which include: Broadband equipments (routers); LAN devices; ISDN Routers; and Terminal Adaptors. Their Broadband range of Routers include: Dual-WAN-Security Routers; Broadband VoIP Routers; Broadband Firewall Routers and many more. Draytek Switches also include the 8-Port-Gigabit-Switch, PoE-Network-Switch among others.

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  1. Draytek Vigor 2104P (Vigor2104P)

  2. Draytek Vigor 2200 (V2200)

  3. Draytek Vigor 2200USB (VIGOR2200USB)

  4. Draytek Vigor 2200VG - VOIP Gateway with Wireless

  5. Draytek Vigor 2200We (Vigor2200WE)

  6. Draytek Vigor 2600We (Vigor2600WE)

  7. Draytek Vigor 2700 Adsl2/2+ Router 2 Vpn / Atm/ Firewal

  8. Draytek Vigor 2700 Adsl2/2+ Router 2 Vpn / Voip/atm

  9. Draytek Vigor 2800

  10. Draytek Vigor 2820Vn Wireless

  11. Draytek Vigor 2910G Dual WAN secure wireless gateway

  12. Draytek Vigor 2910VG Wireless

  13. Draytek Vigor 2930 Router Firewall

  14. Draytek Vigor 2930Vn Wireless N Router With Voip

  15. Draytek Vigor 2930vs Dual Wan Security Router Wireless Isdn

  16. Draytek Vigor 3100 Shdsl Security Router 2.3mbps 32 Vpn/firewall 1-port Sdsl 4-port 10/100btx

  17. Draytek VIGOR-2820

  18. Draytek Vigor2100V

  19. Draytek Vigor2100VG Wireless

  20. Draytek Vigor2200VG ModemRouter, 4P Switch, 8 VPN